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Solid session with the Pro guys this morning

5A Idaho State champs! One of the most resilient hardest working teams we have ever been able to work with! These guys have overcame so much adversity this year, and ended up on top! Love you boys

Every time State comes around, it’s always hard for us to figure out where to go… Especially the spring when two of our teams are playing at the exact same time in different places for the state championship! Good problem to have! Let’s go boys

First round of districts for baseball tonight

Senior night for the @mvhslax boys! This program has been such a huge part of OTF’s success since day one! We have won 3 State championships in the last 5 years and working towards our 4th this year! Can’t say thank you enough to Coach Morgan and this program for letting us be a part of the team

Huge weekend for our boy @cedrickwilson_1 So excited to see where he ends up! Whatever team gets him will be very lucky to have him and we promise he will be a huge impact on the team right away