Get your athletic evaluation today.

Each athlete starts with an evaluation. This allows us to track the athlete’s progress over time. More importantly it helps us identify faulty movement patterns that may be decreasing performance or lead to future injury. The identification of such movement patterns helps us personalize each program.

Part 1: Mental Evaluation

Goal Setting and Commitment Process:

 #1 Reason for our Athlete’s Success

– Why do you want to train and what made you think you need to train to get better?

– What do you want to improve on athletically?

– What is your goal for this season and for your athletic career future?

–Where are you now academically and what are your academic goals? (Ask about how you can receive rewards for high academic achievements)


–We need to ensure that you are committed to the process so we can ensure your results!

Part 2: Athletic Evaluation

Squat and Posture Analysis

–Determine athlete’s muscle imbalances and coordination

Gait Analysis

–Determine Athlete’s Running mechanics

–Visual to demonstrate athlete’s strengths and weaknesses

Acceleration Test

–10 yard dash with laser timer

Total Body Power Assessment

–Vertical Jump on Vertec

–Single Hop Broad Jump