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Kai Turner

Kai Turner

Performance Specialist

Health and athletics have been a passion of Kai’s since he was a young boy. Growing up as an athlete playing many different sports, Kai ultimately excelled in football. Kai played collegiate football at Eastern Oregon University before graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Following Kai’s playing days, his passion for athletics and sports performance has led him back to Offthefield, where he trained as a high school athlete, to continue his education while working to gaining admission into a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Along with his experiences in sports and physical therapy, Kai is a Certified Strength and Condition Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Kai has always been a very positive person and continues to create a great environment for athletes to be successful in. He is determined to help all athletes succeed and to reach new heights in their academics and their athletics. By providing a positive environment, athletes will gain a mindset that will allow them to push past whatever mental and physical barriers they may have.

As a coach, Kai wants to help young athletes achieve excellence the same way he was helped as a young athlete. OTF was a huge part of Kai’s success as a high school and a collegiate athlete. having the opportunity to return to OTF is allowing Kai to give back and help young athletes of the Treasure Valley develop their athletic abilities. Kai will always bring a positive attitude and a great energy to OTF and will continue to push athletes to be their very best.

Attended Eastern Oregon University – Graduating with with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health while competing football there.

NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach