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Fill up that back pack and get after it today! Don’t forget to get your Quarantine Complex shirt

April 7, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

Snag your shirt today! Clink the link in the bio for the limited edition Quarantine Complex OTF Shirt! Thanks for the love

April 6, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

Sprint! This will be one of the best ways to keep your speed and power up while we are at home. A lot of people are using this time to take a break… Let’s use it as a time to jump ahead! Make sure you land soft on the Plyo Push Up and go to your knees if needed

April 6, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

6 Pack Sunday coming in hot out of the OTF Playbook! Make sure you fill that backpack up and push yourself

April 5, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

Spongebob called… he wants his arms back. 2nd edition of the Fat Arm Friday is just what the doctor ordered. Warn the neighbors because this neighborhood lift could get out of hand

April 3, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

The QUARENTINE STEP UP, volume 6 of the. Count total step up reps, and tag us with your results. “The legs feed the wolf.” Now get after it

April 2, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

Volume 4 of coming in hot! Do this one with someone (6ft away) or call your swole buddy and compete on who gets the most rounds! SL V-Up is 5 each side. Post your score so we can all see

March 31, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

OTF playbook, “Quarantine Complex” Volume 3. Get those mechanics down and Show us your best 40! Working on maximal velocity is a great way for us to keep up our “Power” gains up when we don’t have all the weights from a typical gym. The ankle flip series can be seen in Vol. 2. Also, remember this is to be added in to our At Home Program that is in the bio

March 30, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

6 Pack Sunday coming from the OTF Playbook

March 29, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

OTF playbook, “Quarantine Complex” Volume 2. No days off during this quarantine situation, way too much sitting around as it is! Today we are getting those feet right! Make sure you record your best 10yard split, so you can try to beat it later this week. Go get it today! Again, thank you guys for all the support these past few days, it has been amazing. Keep tagging and sharing

March 28, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

OTF playbook, Volume 1 “Quarantine Complex.” For those of you who already hit the you might as well call it a double, we’re hittin two a days out here during quarantine. Thank you guys for all the support thus far, we’ll all come out of this mentally and physically stronger

March 26, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD

Thank you everyone for tuning in! Let’s see you guys get after it in today’s! If you didn’t post your workout… did you really do it tho?😉 Show us some love and tag us as you attempt to beat the man, Jake

March 26, 2020/by OFFTHEFIELD
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