Quarantine Complex, Volume 25. In the third quarter make sure to hold at the bottom for 10 seconds on your last rep (front heel elevated). Smash these leg gains because you know what tomorrow is

This week’s Tune Up Tuesday is a with @millerl_12 ⁣ ⁣ The first 2 steps are the most important. Whether that is coming out of the blocks or sprinting in your sport. If your first two steps are perfect… you’ll have an advantage on your opponent. ⁣ ⁣ Check out our notes on Logan’s video to see two of the most common mistakes we see. Be sure to swipe left to try out two simple exercises on how to improve and let us know how they work! ⁣ ⁣ Want to be featured? Send us a video and we’ll break it down for you! Pro video tip: hold your camera horizontally and make sure it’s good quality

Vol. 23! Record and post time for the “BIG 100” section. Some new movements in this one, be sure to swipe left and watch the instructional videos. Great day to get better

It’s all about the process! If you haven’t heard @inkyjohnsonmotivate story, you need to check it out on YouTube. We think we are going through tough times right now missing a season, his career was ended and he flipped it into a positive! Who you working for?

Grab your track spikes, we’re having a field day out here!!! ⭐️ get those feet moving this Monday, post your best times and distance in the comments! Go get it

Six Pack season came early!!! There is a whole lot of tabata in this one, try to have constant movement all eight sets of each core exercise. Soak up some sun and work on the tan, boating season is right around the corner

On this Saturday, you might need a little luck to complete this one. This is going to gas you, make sure and pay attention to the rest between reps. Also, on the “Good Luck” portion make sure and time each rep, try to complete all three reps under one minute each. Post your best 300 yd shuttle time

Put your hard hat on, it’s about to be a bumpy ride💪 With everyone wondering what’s essential and what’s not we can all agree on one thing… biceps are. Have a great Fat Arm Friday. Post and share the results