Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful to see all of our college athletes over break and grateful for everyone who has supported OTF through the years! We truly are blessed to have the team that we have, thank you

What an incredible first year with these guys. We’ve gone 10-0 and we are Conference Champions!! Playoffs tomorrow 12:00pm at Simplot. About to make a run for this thing

🦃 🦃 Thanksgiving Break Hours🦃🦃 Make sure and contact your coach for individual time changes. Also excited to see all of our college athletes!

Monday night @mikeiupati76 was killing it for the @seahawks beating the only undefeated team in the NFL. Today he was in here getting his body right

Thank you to all veterans and current military service men and women. It’s because of you guys that we’re able to do what we love! Working with athletes wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for you guys

Great to have these two @broncos in today getting some work in on their bye week! Lots of smack talk going on between @brettryp and @mpurcell50 about their alma maters going at it tomorrow! @boisestatefootball vs @wyo_football Who you got, Brett (BSU) or Mike (WYO)?