So awesome for our boy @brettryp getting the invite to the NFL Combine! An amazing leader and a great competitor. We have no doubt he will succeed at the next level

This is a little sneak peak of our OTF Educational Series on acceleration. Make sure you actually know what to look and feel for when you‘re accelerating. Don’t just do a drill to do a drill. Do it the right way and make sure who you’re learning from is teaching it the right way. If you are training with improper movement patterns, you will compete the same way. Don’t let this happen and stay fast

Football off-season on point

Make sure you come in and sing Happy Birthday to our man @d_wattsss (He loves that on his birthday!) On a serious note: Dylan is one of the best things that has ever happened to OTF! One of the smartest coaches we have ever been around. He has trained over 50 Division 1 athletes and has helped so many more athletes on and offthefield. Dylan has had such a positive impact on the athletics here in the Treasure Valley! Thanks for everything D

Our man @ben.ford14 just ran a 6.46s 60 yard dash at Washington State University! That is insane if you know anything about 60 times. Everyone knows Ben is a great athlete, but not everyone knows he was working out at 6:00am during football season. Now he is still working 3-4 times a week during baseball workouts. And he is still killing the grades and on the Honor Roll. Tough video to see, but it’s all we got. That’s a draft time and he is a Sophomore in high school

40 of the athletes on this list are OTF athletes! We also counted at least 12 more that we have that are not on this list. What a year for the Treasure Valley! Idaho getting on the map